Challenge is Over? :/

Hello Guys (for the last time around here) So the challenge is over, and we thought we will take you through a little behind the scenes of our masterpiece.This little win (as shown above) gave us the much required push in the last of the competition to push for the stars. You can look at... Continue Reading →

Pave Pave Pave, minions!

It's 01:07 AM in the morning here in India, and we are steadily laying the stones on our path to complete our journey. We are in the final leg of the day we have had - so much fun, brainstorming, feeling clueless and helping each other stay on the track.¬†We whiled away some of our... Continue Reading →

Mini Challenge 3

TIME FOR STORYBOARDS! We are so much more relieved looking at our ideation, narrowing down our choices and everyone is doing a little happy dance on the inside. *Can you hear how music is blaring to enjoy a little break?* Use Context The concept is to help people who are afraid to start gardening or... Continue Reading →

Mini Challenge 2 !

For Mini Challenge 2, we identified different problem areas and to finalise a niche area we would like to work on - and did a SWOT analysis for the different problem areas. This not only helped us understand the opportunities in different domains but also find out the gaps in existing scenarios. Sharing of Resources... Continue Reading →

*Thinking Caps ON*

With few hours into the challenge, team is in full swing of discussing current scenarios and  possible interventions to leverage the technology to help advance human nature.

Mini Challenge 1

We took to brainstorming as a reflection of our own experiences of sharing things with people around us. Deriving from our stories things that we have and can be shared are- Physical Objects - Food, Cycle or even your Artwork! - include a transaction of everyday things or objects you want to discard with interactions... Continue Reading →

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