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It’s 9:22 am here in India, and we are up and about the amazing challenge posted by OzCHI SDC! We have a feeling it’s going to be an exhilarating and a pumped up day. We got so lost in brainstorming and discussing different domains that we lost track of time and how we haven’t posted 😛

Can you feel we are a bunch of HCI nerds already? Now let’s introduce you to the Experiators, from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Assam, India!


Hi! I am Bitopan Kalita and I am a first year Masters in Design student with an expertise in Video FX. My heart lies in interaction design and movie making . If not working on my cool video projects you can find me catching up on movies to learn. Isn’t that cool?



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Helllo! I am Bhavna Nagpal. I have a background in Computer Science, and now I am currently in my first year of Masters in Design, to pursue my interest in HCID. My favourite pastime is catching up on latest design research, dreaming of things I’d like to exist and working towards making them happen.



IMG_5622.JPGHey! I am Daksh Bahuguna! I’m obsessed with Precision and creating beautiful things. Conversations, bouncing off ideas and making music are some of the things I love to do. I believe that collaborating Sanity with utter Insanity results in a beautiful Balance. I will try to bring my expertise and experience in Product Designing to this challenge and come up with a solution that’s practical yet surreal.




Hi! I am Isha Agarwal. What I like? Design, Art and lots of other fun stuff. What I don’t like? Mood swings and other boring stuff. Studying bachelors in Design and hoping to have good fun here!





Hi I am Mani Sankar, artist by heart and designer by profession. Started with career into IT and than worked into graphics, advertising and then as ux designer. Now doing my masters in to UX design. sketching and close observation of things around me is my favourite pastime


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P.S see our ammunition for the day? Yeah, we have our priorities set clear 😛

P.P.S We are swimming in “shared” waters here in AR lab at IITG. Can you see the amazing books and hi-tech toys helping us as minions?

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