Mini Challenge 2 !

For Mini Challenge 2, we identified different problem areas and to finalise a niche area we would like to work on – and did a SWOT analysis for the different problem areas.
This not only helped us understand the opportunities in different domains but also find out the gaps in existing scenarios.

Sharing of Resources we could share objects, technology or skills, amongst many other things that you can share. We think our idea of sharing objects and thoughts/skills has the potential to target enhancing social and environmental systems directly.

Our problem statement has been redefined to sharing of objects to impact on environmental system – encouraging people to impact on real system, virtually.  Our ideal magic machine would take care of everything in the environmental system while the person just has to interact virtually.

Our magic machine empowered with intelligence knows when to take care of the system and requires just a trigger from the person on one end virtually. In reality of the situation, it takes into consideration of what to do and when – resulting in no input from the user’s end – and mental satisfaction for the person.

What we really like about the machine is : intelligence, requiring no input

What we do not like is : encouraging actual actions, and input from the person and empowering sharing activities.

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