Mini Challenge 3


We are so much more relieved looking at our ideation, narrowing down our choices and everyone is doing a little happy dance on the inside. *Can you hear how music is blaring to enjoy a little break?*

Use Context

The concept is to help people who are afraid to start gardening or do not have time to commit to taking care of plants, to help realise their potential in contributing towards the environment. This in turn can encourage them to take tangible steps towards nurturing their own little ones.

The people using the design

  1. People who are looking for companionship, and someone to share their experiences with them
  2. People who want to get into habit of gardening, or contributing towards a better environment starting from their own self.

The interactions and experiences of using the design

Interactions for the user involve getting a date with a plant delivery, sharing their own experiences through a plant’s profile and in turn getting the companionship and knowledge about taking care of a plant they desire. Also, they can connect with other individuals who took care of the plant before them thus improving community bonding.

Any positive or negative implications of the design concept for individuals, the community, and the environment


  1. Alleviating the loneliness of the user
  2. Making the person accountable for health status of the plant
  3. Creation of a new Community and social connectedness through plant’s profile


  1. Health of the plant is not in our hands as the designer, and affects the environment too.
  2. We can not account for the lull period of no one holding a plant – they will have to be taken care of by the stakeholders.
  3. Weather conditions while a plant is being delivered.



1. A working professional, let’s call him Bob, wants to have a ‘date-with-a-plant’ for a few days so he orders a plant to take care of FullSizeRender 9
2. Bob takes care sincerely of the plant for 10-15 days, saves his experience alongside and meanwhile, he is living a part of his life with that plant FullSizeRender 8.jpg
3. Through these days, the plant has helped Bob gain purpose and been with him through all the experiences. They have bonded so well in this little time FullSizeRender 7
4.After spending time with Bob, the plant has been delivered to another individual, let’s call her Meena. Now Meena will be taking care of the little one for some time. FullSizeRender 6.jpg
5. The two individuals who took care of the plant when it was young as separate points in time can now connect through social mapping in the plant’s profile – adding colour of social connectedness in their lives. FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Aren’t you already looking for your date with a plant? Don’t worry, it’s coming to you very soon.

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